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You can get very precise control over zooming using the Zoom Tool in the Tools Toolbar:
Selection tool for selecting audio before modifying it.Envelope tool for modifying loudness of audio.Draw tool for changing the values of individual samples.Zoom tool to zoom in or out.Time Shift tool to move audio clips into new positions.Multi-Tool combines the actions of all five tools.ToolsToolbarZoom.png

The image above shows the Tools Toolbar with the Zoom Tool selected.

  • Click on this link to learn more about the Tools Toolbar.
  • Click on other tools in the image to learn more about those tools.

To zoom in, position the mouse pointer over a track and left-click. To zoom out, shift-click or click the right mouse button. The mouse pointer position will remain at the click point, while the length of time visible on the Timeline diminishes or expands on either side to respect the change in zoom level.

Warning icon When zooming in or out with the zoom tool, Audacity will attempt to keep same time at the mouse pointer position. That is, Audacity will attempt to keep the same "piece" of audio under the magnifier pointer. That may not always be possible.
  • If "Enable scrolling left of zero" is on then it will always be possible to keep same time at the mouse pointer position.
  • If "Enable scrolling left of zero" is off, then, when zooming in or out, it may not be possible to keep same time at the mouse pointer position.

You can zoom in on a specific region by clicking and dragging. Position the mouse at the left edge of the region you require, click and hold the mouse button, then drag the mouse in either direction:


When you release the mouse button, Audacity will zoom in to that region so that it now fits the window:


Shift and drag zooms out based on the dragged region. The smaller the dragged region, the farther the audio will be zoomed out.

If you commence a drag to zoom by mistake, you can press Esc before releasing the mouse to cancel the zoom operation.